When her wild younger sister, Ashley, who suffers from bipolar disorder and drug addiction, goes missing, Libba Phillips pours all her time and energy into finding Ashley and bringing her home. As the years go by, Libba refuses to give up hope, and, at the expense of her marriage and career, Libba finds her calling in life: creating a much-needed resource center for other families whose missing loved ones have fallen through the cracks.


The true story of Libba Phillips (Jennifer Morrison) is dramatized in this compelling drama that begins when Libba’s mentally unbalanced younger sister, Ashley, goes missing and the police are unable to help, leaving the painful search up to Libba and her family. Libba establishes Outpost for Hope, a resource center that helps people search for missing loved ones, and after five years, she finds Ashley and provides hope and support to others. Jennifer Morrison and AJ Cook give outstanding performances. The dialogue was crisp and so well crafted; the whole movie was exceptionally well written. Never felt forced and fake — even when Libba weas dealing with the dissolution of her marriage, the scenes were wonderfully sparse and powerful. Sometimes a few carefully chosen words have much more impact that the long speeches we see too often in TV movies..

Nothing was glossed over, shied away from or sugar-coated in this story of one sister searching for another in the dark and dangerous world of mental illness, drug abuse, and the adult homeless. I felt I was taken into this world and it was not a pleasant place — but it was rivetting, dramatic, and harrowing. It felt authentic from beginning to end.The DVD comes with no special features. But, you get decent A/V Quality for a Lifetime DVD release. I just wish that the Network could spring for some supplemental material. A lot of times they adapt topical issues and they don’t try to give their viewers any additional background. Oh well, I’d recommend a rental.



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