“Brackenmore” is a student film or is it? I can’t quite tell what I’m looking at, as it seems to be of an amazing quality. But, it lacks the narrative structure of anything other than a cinematographer reel. At best, it’s a knock-off of The Wicker Man. But, was the Wicker Man that original? How many films about weirdo Euro-rural communities do we need to see? Sophie Hopkins is amazing in the lead, but even an amazing performance can’t save a film that just drifts. Oh well, it’s still worth a viewing.


  • Nothing


  • 2.35:1 standard definition transfer
  • Dolby 2.0

RELEASE DATE: 12/12/17

  • 85%
    Video - 85%
  • 86%
    Audio - 86%
  • 85%
    Film Score - 85%

The Plot Thus Far

The close-knit community of Brackenmore is harboring a secret. After the untimely death of an uncle she never knew she had, Kate (Sophie Hopkins) is forced to return to her ancestral home, a tiny rural village in the South of Ireland. Soon after her arrival she meets Tom (D.J. McGrath), a mysterious young local who helps her to rediscover her long-neglected roots and forget about the anxieties of her life in London. The longer Kate stays in Brackenmore, the more she begins to realize that the eccentricities of its self-protective residents, suspicious of any newcomers, may be more ominous than she first thought. A story of festering family history and enigmatic traditions, Brackenmore is a suspenseful thriller that weaves together the exploration of occult ritual with complex human relationships.


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