“Blindsided” is a rather fun action oriented brutal assault. It plays like an urban Zatoichi, but it lacks a greater finesse. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as close quarters plays a certain way. Roger Yuan and Clayton Barber stage the fights in a way that feel refreshing in a post Raid world. After watching Blindsided, I chose to search other films that the team worked on and I have to say that from “Rope A Dope” to this film, I see a remarkable evolution.

Barber is the fight coordinator on the in-production Black Panther, so I recommend checking out this film to get an idea of what’s to come in Wakanda. While many movie fans take fight coordination for granted, there’s an art here to appreciate. Head over to YouTube and stream it a few times. It’s free and it’s an education in high intensity film fighting.



  • Not Rated
  • Jacobus Barber (JB) Productions

RELEASE DATE: OUT NOW! (free to stream on YouTube)

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