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            The Renaissance Rock of Blackmore’s Night—with legendary lead guitarist Ritchie Blackmore and singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Candice Night—has been honored in Germany with a Golden Award for sales of its popular Castles And Dreams DVD.

Blackmore’s Night is currently enjoying success in the U.S. upon the recent release of its Secret Voyage CD (SPV) which stayed atop the Billboard New Age Chart for eight straight weeks.

Secret Voyage has been getting across-the-board raves due to its melding of Euro-Folk and Rock on songs that go back centuries. On the album, Night plays an assortment of instruments dating back to Renaissance times. It is this very eclecticism that has kept fans returning for this brew of shanties, beer drinking songs, madrigals and international melodic inventions from France, Germany, Russia, England and the United States.
            The band, now in its eleventh year, has always enjoyed an international following, as it has toured successfully around the globe a number of times, playing ancient castles as well as major Euro fests.

Night will also appear in the feature film Pray For Light slated for early ’09 release.

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