“Blackhearts” doesn’t last long enough for me. Well, that’s because I’m a huge fan of Black Metal and the weird cult that has emerged around it in the last 20 years. When Western Metal became way too close to Glam Rock, Scandinavia responded with something new. This newness was met by bands wearing seemingly Satanic gear and going super dark in their music. When HIM is considered to be practically a boy band leading the charge, you know it’s metal.

For a film that plays less than 90 minutes, it tries to bridge a history for the unfamiliar. What was a quick documentary should’ve been a mini-series. But, I’m not sure who would’ve aired it. There’s got to be a VICE special here.


  • White Metal Ministry, a short doc on Christian black metal (17 mins)
  • Colombian Satanic Ritual (extended scene) (26 mins)
  • He Fought with a Bear and Lost, interview with Nocturno Culto of Darkthrone(9 mins)
  • It’s About Looking Good on Stage, an interview with Obsidian C of Keep Of Kalessin(7 mins)
  • Music Video: From The Vastland – ‘Blackhearts’ (6 mins)
  • Music Video: Khonsu – ‘Visions Of Nehaya’ (3 mins)


  • 1.78:1 standard definition transfer
  • Dolby Digital 5.1


  • 88%
    Video - 88%
  • 87%
    Audio - 87%
  • 90%
    Supplemental Material - 90%
  • 90%
    Film Score - 90%

The Plot Thus Far

BLACKHEARTS is a documentary that tells the compelling story of three die hard fans of black metal. The hard rock subgenre gained worldwide notoriety because of its links to Satanism, church burnings and murders 25 years ago in Norway. We follow Sina from Iran, Hector from Colombia and Kaiadas from Greece on their journey to Norway – the Mecca of the music that has formed their lives. What makes someone risk their life, get thrown in jail or sell their soul to Satan to make this dream come true? Sina is the only active black metal artist in Iran, and face a potentially life-threatening situation if he choose to follow his dream and travel to Norway. Hector is a devoted Satanist and organizes a satanic ritual to sell his soul to the Devil in order to help his visa application. Kaiadas represents the extreme right-wing party Golden Dawn in the Greek Parliament by day, and is the frontman of the black metallers in Naer Mataron by night. He faces up to 20 years in prison after being arrested for association with a criminal organization. Many films have documented the history and development of black metal, but BLACKHEARTS looks at this infamous genre from a fresh new angle. The film recounts three very different personal stories of dedication, ambition and expectations following the journey of the main characters. BLACKHEARTS was awarded Best International Documentary at the Sound On Screen Film Festival 2016, and has been given much praise for its unconventional and observational approach to its subject matter. This is an unfiltered view behind the veil of imagery and myth that surrounds this genre. The scenes are at times funny and surprising, and at other times surreal and disturbing. They show the extent to which humans are willing to go in pursuit of what they believe in. The DVD is packed with bonus features!


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