Picking up shortly after the original movie’s end, Bambi follows his father, the Great Prince, into the forest after his mother’s death and the Great Prince must teach the young fawn, and his friends Thumper, Flower and Owl, how a deer survives in the forest. But the Great Prince finds that his high-spirited son may have a lesson or two to teach him, as well.



“Bambi II” takes place between the scene that Bambi’s mother was gone and the prince, his father, took him; and the scene he grew up. It is talking about how Bambi lives with his father. At the beginning, his father took care of Bambi temporarily until he find the suitable one to take care of him. As a prince, his father appeared to be quite tough to him at the beginning. However, when they lives longer and longer, the father and son relationship grew. Bambi started to enjoy living with his father. Though they were living so happy, his father found the suitable one and Bambi was sent away. Through an accident, finally, the great prince changed his mind and determined to raise Bambi by his own.

I had high hopes for this ‘midquel’ and one of the things I did like was Ronno’s introduction as a character, though I did not like the character himself. He is in the book and the movie never fully explained the battle between he and Bambi and the original; we assume he is simply another buck vying for Faline when in fact he and Bambi do have a rivalry which goes back. While we are shown that Ronno is a little older than Bambi in this movie, in fact he’s a bit older than that- more around the age of the young adult bucks we see in the forest stampede scenes, at the same time Bambi is a fawn.

The Blu-Ray comes with learning games, deleted scenes and tons of featurettes. The Blu-Ray combo pack also sports a DVD copy and rather fun feature about drawing Thumper. I love that Disney is trying to show off 2-D animation to a generation that’s been raised on cartoon ogres and Kung-Fu pandas. The presentation presented here in glorious 1080p and a stunning DTS-HD master audio track makes this looked-over film come to life. Especially, when you consider that make a Bambi sequel is seen as evil to most purists. I’d recommend a rental.

RELEASE DATE: 08/23/2011


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