Director:  Dante Ariola
Writer: Becky Johnston
Cast: Colin Firth, Emily Blunt, Anne Heche and David Andrews
Studio: Cinedigm

Wallace Avery is a divorced man who hates his job and his life. Wanting to start fresh he decides to stage his own death and head to Indiana to become a golf teacher. Changing his name to Arthur Newman he is on his way when he meets a woman named Mike. Both on the run from their own lives the begin to assume other people’s identities but memories of their old lives begin to creep back up. This movie first and foremost has great acting and is very interesting and worth watching. On the other hand though it is a little slow in parts and seems repetitive.

The film doesn’t display any real interest in capturing and sustaining the viewer’s interest, as it progresses at an unreasonably deliberate pace that’s compounded by a narrative that’s jam-packed with hackneyed elements and twists. Also,the viewer is subsequently forced to wait for something interesting or worthwhile to occur, and it goes without saying that the movie’s ability to stave off total mediocrity is due primarily to Blunt and Firth’s competent acting.

Ultimately, you can stomach the film if you’re into a real pale imitation of “The Sting”. The golf player angle is incidentally funny, but I feel like we’re watching an idea and not a movie. I expected a lot more out of the talent involved, but the film is passable. It should be heading to home video by the time you read this, so I’d recommend checking it out there. Just don’t come in with high expectations.

RELEASE DATE: 08/20/2013


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