“Another Evil” isn’t the movie you think it is. Sure, there are issues with the afterlife and other spooks. But, this is a movie about how common people handle daily pests. Sure, the supernatural exterminator is an obnoxious nerd type, but he means well. Watching the middle class family try to get people to understand their haunting concerns is pretty real. It’s just that things like this don’t always dwell in the real.

The supernatural exterminator in this movie feels like a low-rent roofer. A contracted hire who revels in knowing more about the case than you could possibly pick up on. Watching these poor people deal with his intrusion and wonky schedule is far more horrifying than any ghost. Honestly, I believe the exterminator knows that the family’s supernatural fears are based in garbage. But, he knows that the fearful will do whatever he says. It’s an amazing concept that runs thin by the end of the film.


  • 1 hr and 30 mins
  • Not Rated
  • Dark Sky Films


  • 80%
    Film Score - 80%

The Plot Thus Far

Ridding your home of ghosts is serious business, but finding the right expert to do the job proves to be the real challenge in the new supernatural comedy, ANOTHER EVIL. The film, a hit at SXSW, BAMcinemaFest and the Fantasia Film Festival, will be released in theaters and on digital HD by Dark Sky Films on May 5, 2017.

After encountering terrifying ghosts in their vacation home, modern artist Dan Pappadakis (Steve Zissis, Roadies, Togetherness) and his wife Mary (Jennifer Irwin, The Goldbergs, Halt and Catch Fire) consult a mellow ghost whisperer. Unsatisfied with his groovy verdict–that they should simply co-exist with the “pretty cool” ghosts-Dan goes behind Mary’s back to seek a second opinion, and secretly hires the eccentric Os Bijourn (Mark Proksch, Better Call Saul, Son of Zorn)Os quickly surmises that Dan’s home is full of “demons” and promises to get rid of the beings for a reasonable fee.



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