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Affion Crockett failed to impress me with his short-lived FOX show. However, this App he released showcases an ideal venue for his comedic talents. Adult Swim and most viral videos have proven that the conventional structure of 22 minute blocks on television aren’t for all performers. Hell, if you can say what you want in under 10 minutes, then stop there.

The app allows Crockett to do just that with shortened clips of impressions and direct links to his Twitter and Facebook feeds. The Star Cards application allows you to specialize those impressions for use in birthday cards and other e-reminders. The Aff Samuels radio stuff is more of the same, but it felt a little longer to get to the point. Still, there’s a solid amount of material packed into a dollar’s worth of app.

In the end, it’s a fun app that you can use on your Iphone to keep yourself smiling through long commutes home. While a lot of the material will depend on your ability to enjoy celeb impressions, Crockett delivers it with charm. Plus, for a smidge under a dollar…you can’t really go wrong. I’d recommend it.


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