Directors: Mike McCoy and Steve Waugh
Writer: Kurt Johnstad
Cast: Roselyn Sanchez, Jason Cottle, Drea Castro, Craig Davidson, Juan Diaz and a ton of uncredited Navy Seals
Studio: Relativity Media

Lieutenant Roarke and Chief Dave lead a platoon of SEAL Team 7, based at Coronado. Roarke is going to be a father while Dave already has five kids. They are long time veterans of the Teams and close friends. Of course, Roarke and Dave are real SEALs.

Meanwhile, a CIA agent is abducted in Costa Rica. She was tracking a Russian mafia arms dealer, Christo, who is selling weapons to narcotraffickers. Roarke’s platoon is sent into action. This is the first action set piece and it’s extremely impressive as the SEALs HALO into Costa Rica with the help of two Navy SWCCs and two Army 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment MH-47s. Like all of the action displayed in the movie, the SEALs themselves choreographed the action–the Bandito Brothers just filmed what the SEALs drew up. There’s nothing fake about how these operations are portrayed. How the Army deploys the two SWCCs is outstanding in and of itself.

The Teams are part of a larger group called Navy Divers, which include EOD (the bomb squad), and Deep Sea Divers. SEALs are commandos and experts at what they do. What they are not are the bomb experts, that’s EOD. Nor are they the diving experts, that’s Deep Sea. The ego of some would not want you to know that. Some are not even aware of how much every part of the body is needed for any part to do its job. Reality is always much better and brighter than the exaggeration and fakery that fills our world. By their very nature both filmmaking and acting are something pretending. No need to make them worse.

The movie plays like a 101-minute long first-person-shooter video game. The SEAL team is largely reactive: being dispatched globally from one skirmish to another, where accomplishing one mission just means earning the opportunity to move on to the next mission level. When you really come down to it, the plot doesn’t much matter for this movie, serving largely as a vehicle to showcase military hardware and delivery of tactical missions.



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