In between shows and throughout the past twelve months, Aaron Barnhart set out to make an album that captured his sexy and powerful live sound. Being a purveyor of soulful music, he wrote MISSING PIECES to express his unique vision while maintaining a sound and feel that is universally appealing.

The album was recorded in Los Angeles over a 12-month period with renowned producer Stuart Brawley [who has over 32 million records sold worldwide, with such artists’ as Michael Jackson, Don Henley, Celine Dion, Josh Groban, Brandy, Avion, Lenka, and nominated for “Producer of the Year” at the Juno Awards]. The 10 tracks on the album showcase Aaron’s incredible musical range. Most of the songs on MISSING PIECES came to life with Aaron writing melodies and lyrics while performing for local Los Angeles crowds.


1. Day In Day Out
2. Missing Pieces
3. Painkiller
4. One More Second Chance
5. The Water’s Edge
6. Another Day
7. Better Than Happiness
8. Whatever You Get
9. Million Miles
10. Slings & Arrows



Aaron Barnhart is a solid pop star with amazing aspirations. The kicker is that he’s a hair away from being Top 40 gold. There’s no hooks to be found on the album. But, tracks suchs as “Day In Day Out” sport amazing composition the likes that haven’t been seen since the days of Fleetwood Mac. But, is it all California 70s method rock?

“Missing Pieces” stands out as a solid first major effort from a rising star. You’ve got a single with Day In Day Out, but you’ve got the rest of the album loaded with B-sides. I would like to see what Barnhart could do if he focused on having some more big numbers. Playing it so close to the vest never made anyone a star. Plus, it doesn’t give the guy a chance to stretch. 

When the album becomes available on May 26th, I’d recommend using e-tailers first. It’ll be hard to find, but it’s a disc that I recommend giving a spin. It’s a solid effort and one that has me wanting to hear the sophomore sting. So, I’ll recommend the CD. Just don’t expect a rollicking good time. 


Final Score: 89% – B


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